Sales and Rental Policy


As listed in 9600 Rules & Regulations, Page 10-11, section 17. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ARE REQUIRED WHEN SELLING A UNIT: Owner must notify management that their condo is listed for sale and provide the name of the listing agency. Owner must provide unit key to agent for showing. Prior to settlement a fully executed agreement of sale must be delivered to the managers office. A Certificate of Occupancy issued by the City of Margate, is required prior to settlement. For this inspection, all kitchen and bathroom receptacles must have ground fault interrupter switches and working smoke detectors as required by code. Prior to settlement or at the time of settlement the seller will pay to the 9600 Condominium Association a document  transfer fee of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00). This fee is non-refundable in any form and covers a complete set of 9600 Condominium Association and Insurance Documents to be transferred to the Buyer. Upon settlement, buyers must complete an interview with the Association Manager. Upon sale of unit, one (1) parking space is issued by Management and will not be the previous owner’s existing space. The Buyer is to be informed that a working capital fee equal to three (3) months current maintenance fees is to be paid to 9600 Condominium Association at the time of settlement. This fee is not escrow of any kind, nor is it Maintenance Fees paid in advance. This fee is non-refundable in any form.

Unit Sale Policy
As listed in 9600 Rules & Regulations, Page 8-9, section 13. Units at 9600 are permitted to be rented once per calendar year and must be rented for a term of at least three (3) months (90 days) in duration.

The following documents are to be delivered to the Manager’s Office IN ADVANCE of the renter taking occupancy: Lease fee of $250 per lease. This fee is Non-refundable in any form. A copy of the fully executed lease agreement which will include the names of all the renters and all other occupants of the unit. Agreement that NO PETS are allowed by anyone, including visitor’s pets, must appear on lease. Tenants must agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the 9600 Condominium Association. Certificate of Occupancy obtained from the City of Margate prior to renter taking possession. In accordance with the Margate City Code and Fire Department, lessees must furnish to the office the names of all occupants staying in the unit. Once a unit is rented the owner relinquishes his/her rights to the common areas during the rental period. An appointment must be made with the Management Office for the renter to complete an interview/orientation with the manager or another designated representative of 9600. At a meeting with the manager or another designated representative of 9600 Condominium Association, renters will be given the Rules and Regulations of 9600 Condominium Association. Renters will be requested to sign acknowledgment of receipt of documents. Unit owners will be held responsible if the renter does not abide by the Condominium Rules and Regulations. Renter will be assigned one (1) parking space for the term of the lease and must display the appropriate 9600 Condominium Association parking pass. NOTE: Such space may not necessarily be the unit owner’s space. Owner must provide the renter with unit keys, mailbox keys and security FOBS. If sufficient documentation is not presented, the Association shall have the right to reject said renter. The 9600 Condominium Association reserves the right to declare a lease null and void for any of the following reasons: Non-compliance of any of the foregoing on the part of the owner. Lessee is known to have an undesirable history of past rental. The number of persons occupying the unit exceeds that limit set forth in the Master Deed and By-Laws. Unit Max. Occupancy One (1) Bedroom Two (2) Persons Two (2) Bedroom Four (4) Persons Three (3) Bedroom Six (6) Persons Four (4) Bedroom Eight (8) Persons If you have questions regarding this or any other 9600 policy, please contact the 9600 Association Management Office at (609) 822-9600.

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