9600 Construction Requirements

Work is permitted between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday except holidays and holiday Monday’s, there is no work permitted on those days. Workdays are Monday through Friday from the day after Labor Day through the Thursday before Memorial Day.

Contractors are required to be registered with Margate and provide a copy of the following:

  1. Contractor License
  2. Copy of Insurance coverage naming 9600 as insured
  3. Permits for electrical and plumbing
  4. Contact phone information for foreman, electrician and plumber
  5. $500 Security Deposit made payable to 9600 Condominium Association
  6. Scope of work being done

  • PEX and Sharkbites are not permitted to be used in 9600.
  • Contractors are required to use the service elevator #3 for any building materials and tools. Contractors are not permitted with ANY carts or equipment on elevator 1 or 2.
  • Entry and exit are through the Madison Avenue doors only
  • Contractors must remove any and all debris and trash from 9600 premises. Contractors and Owners are prohibited from putting any construction debris in the trash rooms or dumpsters
  • Contractors are required to clean up any elevator and hall debris that they create this includes vacuuming hall floors with contractor vacuum
  • Contractors are required to put stick down protective cover on carpet in common hallways and a carpet inside the door of unit to wipe feet before entering hall
  • Smoking is not permitted in any common area of the building. Contractors are to smoke on Madison Avenue only and not in front of the building
  • The first contractor from the crew must sign in on a daily basis with security at the front desk
  • Owners must provide unit keys to contractor for any work taking over two days. 
  • No paint is to be washed down any drains. All brushes are to be cleaned in the slop sink in the trash room located on the first floor
  • No prep work, sawing or tile cutting may be performed in common areas including; hallways, garage, sidewalks, fire towers, beach corridors.
  • 9600 does not provide any storage for construction materials
  • All workmen tools, equipment, deliveries must be made through the Madison Avenue beach door entrance. Contractors must supply their own dollies, hand trucks, bins and carts, no metal wheeled equipment is allowed and contractors are not permitted to use 9600 equipment, tools or vacuums
  • Owners UST provide keys to contractors for any work lasting more than 2 days.
  • Contractors are to address all construction related issue with the manager only. You can either call Sharon at 609-822-9600 or e mail : manager9600@comcast.net

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